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🌟🐭🚩 3DINTERNET🛹🖱️🌐

3DINTERNET is a fun-loving character that enjoys video games, social media, and shenanigans. When they aren’t skating, you can find them hanging out in their room or at the local Wish ‘n Wash playing their favorite RPG. 3DINTERNET’s pet Mausmaus love to race one another when they aren’t busy surfing the web. The Mausmaus can also be seen helping 3DINTERNET to conquer even the toughest boss battles. 

First Apperance

First Apperance, 2023, 1/1 sold on Foundation.

Nollie Clickflip 🛹🏀🗑️🐶

Nollie Clickflip 🛹🏀🗑️🐶, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

Lunch Break 🥪🫧

Lunch Break 🥪🫧, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

20000000000 XP — Part 1

20000000000 XP — Part 1, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

🌊🦦 Wish ‘n Wash 🎰🧼

In a world where soap is scarce, the working class goes to the Wish ‘n Wash laundromat and casino in order to win soap to wash their clothes. 3DINTERNET can be seen frequenting here, hanging out in the LAN lounge or streaming to MeTube. In the animation below, 3DINTERNET just won some games so they’re getting ready to wash their clothes along with help from the WasherOtter.


BEGINNER’S LUCK, collaboration with PLANTTDADDII, 2023, open edition available until May 15, 2023 with Artizen Grant on Opensea.