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Adult Swim Idents

All of the following Adult Swim idents were released on air on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. 

Halo Effect (above) is a short ident made about groups of people idolizing and giving praise to an influencer or celebrity without knowing them personally. This behavior is indicative of the hive mind. Commonly, fan-based groups will hold a cognitive bias for the celebrity/influencer and hold them in high regards, which will cause them to dismiss or disregard negative actions or behaviors of the celebrity/influencer. This behavior has become more visible on social media where fan-based interactions are tracked by likes, upvotes, and retweets.

Candy, Set A Timer (below) is a cheeky animation inspired by classic cartoons, AI assistants, and Japanese cultural influence in the US.

Below are two more idents created for the Adult Swim show, Three Busy Debras.

Golf Ball is a kinetic animation that follows a golf ball, driven by a resident of Lemoncurd, straight into Debra’s window, through Debra’s ear, into Debra’s mouth, and finally landing on Debra’s plate. 

Debras on a Platter touches on the surrealism of the show, as an anonymous butler reveals each of the Debras’ heads gesturing underneath their own silver platters.