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Promotional video for Meemz. Music by Dylan Banks.

🐸🐬 Meemz 🐶🐱

Meemz is a cute mix-and-match meme-animal collectable NFT series that was commissioned and released in early 2021 on the Voice platform. The project was inspired by memes and meme animals from the last 10-15 years and was created by 3D artists Nicole Ruggiero and planttdaddii (Sam Clover).

Sam and Nicole designed the characters together, while Sam sculpted the majority of them. Nicole designed the color palette, helped with sculpting and compositing, and designed the base shape of each animal, which helped aid in the direction of the overall style. The memes that the Meemz reference were chosen based on popularity and personal stylistic relatability. The project is also gamified, allowing collectors to combine the NFTs and to claim and reveal the new combinations.

The gamified aspect of Meemz works by combining Base Meemz with Bitz to form different combinations. Some Meemz may even be combined with multiple Bitz to form Special Meemz. To view how the combinations work, click here for a full combination list. Also, if you want to see the Meemz website, click here and here if you are interested in purchasing the NFT collectables on Voice.

Base Meemz

Example Bitz

Combination Meemz

Special Combination Meemz