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Rico Nasty — iPhone 

Direction: Ammolite Inc. Collective
3D Lead and AR: Morbo
Character Design: Paola Pinna
Character Animation: Nicole Ruggiero, Andy Rolfes
Production: Ryan Meredith


Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK Sour Candy 

Director, Lead Animator: Sam Rolfes
Lead Animator: Andy Rolfes
Producer, AI Artist: Kara Kittel
Production Company: Team Rolfes
3D Technical Artists: Nicole Ruggiero, Alex Baumann, Damien Blaise
Overlay Design: Kristyna Kulikova, Simon Kounovsky
FX: Travis Treadway, Derric Eady, David Johnson, Undertone FX


Calvin Harris and The Weeknd  Over Now 

Production Company: Ammolite INC.
Art and Animation Direction, Motion Capture and Clean-Up: Nicole Ruggiero, Andy Rolfes
For full Production List please contact Ammolite INC.


Tiger’s Jaw — Escape Plan 

Directed by: Josh Coll & John Komar
Produced by: Justin Scutieri & Hannah Tom
3D Art & Animation: Nicole Ruggiero
Director of Photography: Alexa Carroll