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outside the lines

Viacom is a place that cultivates innovative ideas, focusing on culture. However, because Viacom is such a large corporation, sometimes these ideas become depersonalized. Outside the Lines is a speaker series created, directed, and designed by Nicole Ruggiero, that reconnects these ideas with the people who created them, and allows each person to explain how and why they came up with the ideas in the first place.  Featuring speakers from both inside and outside of the company, Outside the Lines is a scalable event with several key benefits: showcasing talent, connecting and giving back to the community, targeting and attracting top-notch talent, generating content, and creating a forum to bring people together.

The first event was very successful. The speakers were chosen based on design in the social sphere. Speakers included Sally Thurer from MTV, Vivian Rosenthal from SNAPS, and Kyttenjanae, an online artist. After being greeted with a free cocktail and snack, guests sat down for an hour long talk accompanied by visuals and a Q&A session. After the Q&A, guests were given hor d’oeuvres and encouraged to network with the speakers and amongst themselves.