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Snapchat x Nicole Ruggiero Filter

Snapchat commissioned Nicole to create an AR filter for their AR program, Lens Studio, to be featured in the Snapchat app. For the filter, she chose to create a companion character. A companion character is a character that usually accompanies the main character in cartoons, anime, and video games. They are usually animals that may talk and may travel with the main character. For this Snapchat character filter, Nicole came up with a fictionalized character named Bulgogi that would overlay and move with the viewer’s face while using the filter. Nicole was deeply inspired by her relationship with her own cat and thought Bulgogi could be the companion of whoever is using the filter.

Sculpting Process

Creating Low-poly Version for AR

UVing the Model

Texturing the Model

Creating Blendshapes (22 in total)

Rigging the Wings & Coding in Lens Studio

Have Fun!

Try the Filter Yourself!