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Sasha Katz, Kiss me quick. We are all dying., 2021, sold.

SuperRare ICONS Gallery

ICONS was a 15 artist, 12 screen, five night event commissioned and hosted by SuperRare for Pride Month in Soho, NYC at the SuperRare pop-up gallery. The artists in this show were chosen based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, story, artistic concepts, and specialized skills. ICONS honored those who have been brave enough to fight through diversity to support other individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. ICONS was shown alongside Laurel Charleston’s SuperTrans curation to make a very prideful week. Article on both events here. Overall curation of all artists and works here.

Rita Eme, FANTASY LOVE, 2022, available.

Holladay Saltz, Still of Osmogenesia 1: Indole, 2022, Sold.

Kung-fu performance by Queer Ukrainian artist, Wu Woman

Cyber Yuyu, The Swing, 2022, Sold.

Nicole Ruggiero & PLANTTDADDII, Achievement Unlocked: Touch Grass, 2022, Sold.

Jason Ebeyer, Still of Whisper of the Serpent (video), 2022, Sold.

Taurrvs, Still of Quick Draw (Video), 2022, Available.

tyl000rd, Cropped Still of PROLOGUE (video), 2022, Available.