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🌊🦦 Wish ‘n Wash 🎰🧼

In a world where soap is scarce, the working class goes to the Wish ‘n Wash laundromat and casino in order to win soap to wash their clothes. 3DINTERNET can be seen frequenting here, hanging out in the LAN lounge or streaming to Twinch while SonicStyle keeps the place in order. The Wish ‘n Wash is it’s own closed ecosystem housing many creatures such as Dustgumm bunnies, Mausmaus, and Washerotters who all maintain a fine balance of the machines used to win and wash.


LINT SPRINT!, Collaboration with PLANTTDADDII, 2023, 9,132 token OE sold mintdotfun.

Clawz the Spacekat

Clawz the Spacekat, 2023, 1,243 token OE sold mintdotfun.

Nollie Clickflip 🛹🏀🗑️🐶

Nollie Clickflip 🛹🏀🗑️🐶, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

Lunch Break 🥪🫧

Lunch Break 🥪🫧, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

20000000000 XP — Part 1

20000000000 XP — Part 1, 2023, 1/1 available on Foundation.

MAUSMAUS: Hit the Streets! [Compilation]

MAUSMAUS: Hit the Streets!  [Compilation], 2023, 1838 open editioned NFT, sold on Zora.


BEGINNER’S LUCK, collaboration with PLANTTDADDII, 2023, OE sold out with Artizen Grant on Opensea.